A  puzzle game made for Spektrum Gaemz Jam, made in two days. The theme was "Mana Pool".

Control the Blobs as they try to defeat the Skeletons, by getting at least one blob to the skeleton castle!

9 levels of action-packed puzzle goodness! 

Works best on desktop Chrome.  Can take a bit of time to load, please be patient :)


- Arrow keys to move your cursor

- X is "OK/Select", C is "Cancel" 

- Moving costs one mana per tile. Get at least one blob to the castle before you run out of mana!

- You can restart a level by selecting an empty tile and picking "Restart Level"


-  Some enemies attack horizontally + vertically. Others attack diagonally. Even others move towards you when you're in the line of sight.

- When you pick up mana at a mana pool, you can only get up to a maximum amount. Make sure to  refill your mana at the last possible moment!

- If you need to think about interactions, try moving one tile at a time and seeing what happens


Trinity (@yumyum_cult): Art + Sprite Work 

Florent Auvray: Game Design

Vincent Tran: Game Design

Amaury Josse: Development + Random Stuff

Raphael Gaschignard (@rtpg_): Development

Taito Otani : Sound + Music Design

Made withPhaser

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